We create and produce animated programs for youth and family.

Here is an overview of our programs :

Suu Ki and her younger brother Aung Min live in a peaceful fishing village on the Burmese coast. They spend all their free time looking for the treasures that the sea gives up on the beaches. 

One day, they discover a grounded boat in a very bad state. But the next morning the children find it in the water, ready to take off! The wood of the hull whispers, the sails swell and the bewitched boat tells its story: it is a genie of the seas, on the way for a fabulous journey ...

In the collection "Story Time!"


Upper preschoolers - Distribution : Superights

Discover countries of the world and their cultures through little-known legends, but especially original stories written and narrated as if they had passed through the ages ... A journey in a dream and fantasy world.


Get caught by the storyteller and surprising characters, on a captivating music ! A new series full of poetry, mysteries, tenderness and humor.  


Upper preschoolers - Distribution : Superights

Moko is a young boy full of curiosity and endowed with an overflowing imagination. His one and great challenge is to discover the whole wide world in its every corner. 

Thus, he travels through the African, the Asian, the European and both American continents.

All his adventures are presented in the shape of stories which are, at the same time, naive, poetic, aesthetic ; they are told with humor, and are capable, furthermore, to provoke serious thoughts on the world around us, as well as on the natural phenomenons which are presented with an explanatory unit. 

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Upper preschoolers - Distribution : Superights

Simple and universal. Since ever, children learn songs, and, since ever, these present animals : friendly, mean, cunning, not sly...

Children listen, laugh and fall asleep with pictures of savannah, in which they imagine flying lions, giraffes that row on the Nile, armies of lemurs coming to give them a hug. At this age, animals have for only border the children’s imagination. 


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Preschoolers - Distribution : Le Regard Sonore

Every child knows nursery rhymes. They hear them in school and on CD’s received at one time or another as presents.

All these nursery rhymes have one point in common : they are from another era, and were composed long ago. You might find them a bit old-fashioned. Yet children today know them just as we did when we were their age. These nursery rhymes are timeless.


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Preschoolers - Distribution : Le Regard Sonore

Sing along Stories is a 2D animation series of 13 episodes. Each episode tells a different story. The stories are funny, strange and original. The images convey a rich imaginary world. 


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Preschoolers - Distribution : Le Regard Sonore

What do a pig and a winkle have in common?  Nothing ! Except that they’re best buddies, inseparable but seriously off the wall, living in their zany world. They follow our behavioral codes but reinterpret them. There is no limit to the lunacy of our two zany friends! 

And that’s just fine with us...


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All public - Distribution : Le Regard Sonore