50 X 3'30 - PRESCHOOL


Every child knows nursery rhymes. They hear them in school and on CD’s received at one time or another as presents.


All these nursery rhymes have one point in common : they are from another era, and were composed long ago. You might find them a bit old-fashioned. Yet children today know them just as we did when we were their age. These nursery rhymes are timeless.


To perpetuate the tradition, we decided to breathe new life into them. We felt that these naïve and fun stories are perfectly suited to our animation program, in which they are illustrated with great simplicity.


A pretty and colorful world was created to nourish a child’s imagination and put images to words such as crocodiles, boats, little mice, etc. It’s a little like the picture dictionary concept. You learn the singular, the plural, colors, a few expressions...


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1.Oh! The crocodiles

2.Old Ma Michel

3.By Moonlight

4.Are you sleeping, Brother John ?

5.The fox, the weasel and the wolf 

6.Mommy the little boats

7.A Hen on a Wall

8.Soldier John

9.Sleep my little Billy my Brother 

10.Hello cousin how are you

11.Have you seen my cow

12.Have you seen it, yellow peanut

13.A spider knits a pair of socks

14.Monday morn

15.Lets go and walk one mile 

16.Rain, rain, go away

17.Skylark, lovely skylark

18.The ferret runs and runs

19.That’s what puppets do, do, do

20.Peek-a-boo owl

1.Jimmy fish

2.The sleepy Miller

3.Tiny little green mouse

4.Mother mother let me say

5.Sweet Poppy

6.My Donkey

7.Happy travels Mr McGee

8.The big deer

9.On the Bridge up and down


11.Good king Dagobert

12.My Father found a man for me

13.Watchmen in the castle

14.Rabbits Three

15. Take a walk in the woods



Original idea : Emmanuelle Reyss

Directors : Emile Vanvolsem & Emmanuelle Reyss

Original music & Arrangements : Ghislain de Buchy

Worldwide distribution : Le Regard Sonore 

© Le Regard Sonore 2005/2007