52 X 2'30 - PRESCHOOL


Simple and universal. Since ever, children learn songs, and, since ever, these present animals : friendly, mean, cunning, not sly...


Children listen, laugh and fall asleep with pictures of savannah, in which they imagine flying lions, giraffes that row on the Nile, armies of lemurs coming to give them a hug. At this age, animals have for only border the children’s imagination.


So, observe the hippo in a beauty salon has really nothing astonishing ; not more than look at the baboons swinging in the air and discover a few characteristics of each animal.





When ocean ice retreats, for months I will not eat. I live on my reserves in the land of ice bergs. Warm coats you need not wear when you are a polar bear. In a blizzard, you can’t see white on white that easily…









Hidden in the cliff there’s a nest, Mr. Vulture’s mate is the best. There’s an egg under her wing and every day he asks here the same thing. So, what’s new with the egg?


Original idea : Emmanuelle Reyss

Directors : Sonia Grandame & Joachim Hérissé

English songs performed by Michelle Campagne

French songs performed by Vanessa Ricci

© LE REGARD SONORE / PIWI /6657281 CANADA INC. - 2006/2010