13 x 2'30 - Preschool


Sing along Stories is a 2D animation series of 13 episodes. Each episode tells a different story. The stories are funny, strange and original. The images convey a rich imaginary world. 


For Sing along Stories, we wanted to create animations with simple graphics, to reflect the poetic and naive vision of very small children. We focused on the connection between images and music. The rhymes and rhythms are in large part what make this series so entertaining.

The goal of this series is to help children memorize the melodies, words using animation and to develop their imagination. The quality of the compositions is itself sufficient to stimulate a child’s musical awareness. 


However, in addition, the themes dealt with in the songs allow children to discover and dream of worlds both familiar and unfamiliar, such as Christmas in China or in Russia.

13 wonderful songs ! A FABULOUS TRIP IN A FANTASY WORLD !



The crocodile

Christmas in Russia

Chinese invitation

In my house

The little man in nougat

Mr. Rabbit



My song

Chu, Chu, Chu !

Christmas is coming

It's beautiful, it's sweet, it's good!

Small fish

Original idea by Emmanuelle Reyss

Characters, sets & directed by Grégoire Musnier

Music & lyrics by Danièle Compère


© Le Regard Sonore 2005/2007