The adventures of Snout & Winkle - 26 x 1'30 - family

What do a pig and a winkle have in common?  Nothing !

Except that they’re best buddies, inseparable but seriously off the wall, living in their zany world. They follow our behavioral codes but reinterpret them.


They give free reign to their imagination and redefine the laws of language. They’re loony and inseparable. Their wackiness gets them caught up in crazy, surreal and absurd situations that they themselves help to create.


There is no limit to the lunacy of our two zany friends! 

And that’s just fine with us...

Original idea & written by Emmanuelle Reyss & Sandrine Reliquet

Director : Sandrine Reliquet

Characters : Emmanuelle Martinez 


Distribution : Le Regard Sonore