1X52' - KIDS/FAMILY  

Moko, our young explorer, will be back soon with fantastic new adventures !

A strange phenomenon has struck Moko’s homeland. The colors have disappeared. The sky, trees, the earth,the sun… all have turned grey. Silence has overtaken everything. The animals are prostrate and humans have grey eyes. Only Moko sees the danger that is threatening his home; he is therefore the only one who can save it.


Moko must find the colored stones. Once united, they have the power to make Nature’s color palette infinite. But these stones are located in other, fantastical worlds and are guarded by fierce guardians. With only a chameleon as his guide, Moko sets off on a quest for the sacred tree. In its trunk, he finds the passage leading to the blue, red and yellow worlds.


 And so begins a long journey during which Moko will discover the marvelous world of mountains and water that is home to Yuli, the blue-skinned boy; then the flaming red forest that is home to Jurema, the red-skinned child and lastly, the land of the winds and the earth, home to Alya, the yellow-skinned girl. But these worlds of color are also in danger: they are being destroyed by the same evil that has struck Moko’s world. The grey is invading the ocean depths, destroying the forest and drying up the earth. He needs to act fast! 


Helped by his new friends, Moko will face the guardians in order to obtain the stones and, from passage to passage, from one world to the next, he will end up back home to the heart of the sacred tree where, once united, the stones will return the colors back to his homeland and those of his friends

Sets and directed by Sonia Grandame - Characters by Mathilde Menet - Written by Jean de Loriol


© Le Regard Sonore 2018