104 x 5' - Kids 5+ / Mixed media / Edutainment

« My name is Koumi, and I would like to know all the animals on the earth! Guess which animal we will discover together !»


Koumi’s animated picture book is an edutainment program aimed at the youngest (preschoolers).


Koumi, a 6 years-old playful little girl, observes the animals of the world in her picture book, and takes you to meet them on every continent! An edutainment program combining 2D animation and live action, to satisfy the appetite for discovery of the youngest.


 Koumi presents in each episode an animal in a very simple way, teaching children a few words of vocabulary and familiarizing them with the map of the world by placing each animal in the countries or regions where can find it.


For each animal, Koumi draws a kind of «identity card» specifying its main characteristics, its overall look, its lifestyle, and how its anatomy is adapted to it...


The episodes are structured, with recurring parts - but the tone is light, naïve, with humor, so that the children do not have the impression to attend a lecture!

Koumi adopts a simple, childish vocabulary, but allows herself to teach a little scholar word of vocabulary from time to time - to satisfy the appetite of knowledge of the most curious!

Passionate about animals, Koumi has a certain knowledge of the subject, but she also discovers certain things on the screen, along with the spectator. Thus, she invites the children to develop observation skills, placing herself in a posture of active discovery.


To stay in the spirit of a «picture book», animals, scenery, plants and even the terrestrial planisphere are regularly inserted - animated in a very gentle and naive way. Some elements are written on the screen, to initiate or accompany the child in his learning to read.

Original idea & directed by Emmanuelle Reyss & Mathilde Menet / Writing & Graphic bible : Mathilde Menet / Original Music : Emmanuelle Reyss

With the participation of PIWI + and TV5 Monde and with the support of the CNC, Procirep and Angoa