Discover countries of the world and their cultures through little-known legends, but especially original stories written and narrated as if they had passed through the ages ... A journey in a dream and fantasy world.


Story Time !  enriched by thorough and meticulous historical research, will allow the whole family to discover words, customs, places, sounds of traditional instruments ... A pedagogy strand sprinkled subtly onto captivating stories. Get caught by the storyteller and surprising characters, on a serene music ! A new series full of poetry, mysteries, tenderness and humor...


The very rich and powerful Emperor Ping Chu is smiling again since a small nightingale became his friend and sings to warm his heart. However, when a distant sovereign offers him a mechanical bird made of gold and diamonds, the dazzled emperor abandons his little friend.

The real nightingale then returns to its liberty. Time passes... But can a toy replace a beautiful friendship?

Based on a story by Andersen


Little Aada, intrepid girl of a reindeer herder, lives in a village on the edge of a large ice lake in Lapland. One day, the girl sees an intriguing movement near the shore, and, braving the formal prohibition of her father, bends her head over the water ...


To lift the curse on his village, Kumakoue, the little Zulu warrior, has to leave for a great journey. Thanks to his courage, he will become friends with Kombaku, the solitary elephant, and Lilangani, the blue-handed monkey. With the strength of one and the magic of the other, he shall free his village and become a hero, him who is nevertheles not higher than two drums placed one over the other ...


A little frog thinks she is too ordinary and despairs to attract the attention of other animals. When she discovers she can grow infinitely by drinking the river's water, she begins to swallow all the water of the earth, to the last drop, in order to put the world at her feet...

Inspired by a legend of the Pacific sea


Three brothers live in a small farming village on the high mountains of India. One day, they decide to seek for fortune, with the help of an old wise man. He offers each of them a feather, that will help them to find what they are deeply looking for... 


How jellyfish became the animal we know today ... 

The daughter of the terrible king of seas is letting herself starve to death, sick and tired of sea food. The jellyfish is sent on a mission to the mainland to find and bring back a monkey liver, the only remedy for the princess sickness ...

 Inspired by a japanese legend



How a young boy brought back flowers and peace among men ... 

A young child, raised in a sad and barren desert, constantly dreams of legends told by the elders... In the past, the world was cheerful and colorful, animals and flowers lived in the prairie... Until the Great Magician, disappointed by the behavior of people, decided to leave, and went to the highest mountains, taking away all the wonders of nature... Gathering his courage, the young boy decides to go and find the great magician in order to bring back flowers and peace to his people.


…Or how a haughty sorcerer was willing to sacrifice his village to fulfill his dreams of power, and caused the disappearance of the stars above the plain... Thanks to the bonds of peace and courage that unite its inhabitants, the village will have to convince Rain of Stars, the daughter of the Great Spirit, to bring back the stars in the vault of night.

Inspired by an american legend


How rice farming became long and tedious because of the laziness of a young boy ...

A very long time ago, in Vietnam, the Emperor of Jade created rice to feed Men. The beans were so big and nutritious that a single one was sufficient to make a whole meal. They led themselves to the doors of houses where people were waiting quietly. Until one day a young man braved the only condition given by the Emperor in exchange for this gift…

Inspired by a vietnamese legend


At the beginning of the world, everything was different ... The sun did not yet live in the sky : it lived on earth, among beasts and flowers. But it was so hot that all fled, leaving the sun alone with its only friend, the jackal.

Inspired by a moroccan legend


A young boy dreamed of taking a boat to the sea. Then three mysterious and familiar swans appeared on the surface of the water. Riding a wood board, the boy went to sea to try and catch the birds ... But without ever reaching them, he soon found himself in the middle of the sea...

Inspired by an irish legend


A poor Inuit fisherman is about to kill a whale beached on the shore when she implores him to save her life, in exchange for a miraculous catch ...  


The Curupira is one of the most strange beings of the Brazilian jungle. Protector of flora and fauna, it chases and punishes those who destroy nature. The young Cuchui, doubting its existence, decides to go looking for him. 


Inspired by a bresilian legend



Iretirou lives by the Nile, near the pyramids. Her father makes beautiful papyrus that she carries every day to the scribes school in the Pharaoh's palace. Fascinated by the hieroglyphics patterns on the precious rolls, Iretirou has a secret dream of becoming a scribe too. But only men are allowed to ... When the Pharaoh's favorite rosebush mysteriously stops blooming, a reward is offered to the one who can cure it. Iretirou knows that she must take her chance ! 



Lotta, daughter of the chief Thorvald, lives by the ocean in a quiet bay. Dreaming of adventures and great discoveries, she slips secretly into her father's longship to go on an expedition. But the weather turns bad, the boat gets lost  and in the dark waters, the Kraken awaits its preys ... Fortunately Lotta took her magic stone! The little viking does not know it yet, but after this trip the Vikings will never get lost at sea again... Thanks to her.


Sine and Saloum live in two villages, separated by a river. All the villagers stay on their shore, ignoring the other. That is the way it has always been. Despite this, the two children have learned to know each other and have become so inseparable that they do not intend to live one without the other. A great anger rises in the two villages when their secret is discovered : they broke the tradition. Yet although their families clash, the link between Sine and Saloum is so strong that they will find a way to be together forever through the water goddess Mami Wata. From their history will be born the Sine Saloum delta, inexhaustible source of life and peace lesson for both villages ...



Liang lives near the Chinese Wall. Every night he sees the sun disappear behind the great shadow to the west and wonders what's on the other side. His old grandmother, who knows a story for everything, told him that a huge dragon lies there and that he swallows the sun each evening to let him rise again the next day ... Impossible, says Liang, dragons do not exist ! But there is nothing greater than the curiosity of a child ... except maybe a dragon? Liang must make it clear !


In the Black Forest, by a full moon night ...

A shadow slips at the foot of a large oak tree and files a basket between its roots. In the basket, a sleeping baby ... Hidden in the foliage, an elf listens carefully ...



Vassilia has no father nor mother. She lives in poverty, working hard without losing her kindness. One day, to thank for helping her, an old hunchback gives her a piece of wood and says these words: "Knock three times on the small wood and Mamouschka will appear ..." With Mamouschka, the magical doll, the life of Vassilia will never be the same, especially since a Russian doll often hides another ... and another ... and another!


Pepin is very small, so small that his parents are afraid of what could happen to him if he leaves the house. But how to know what one is worth without facing any obstacle? So his parents agree to let him out and he goes with his ladybug friend... The world is vast and dangerous for such a small person but with intelligence and common sense, Pepin will manage to get what he wants ! Even the great wild bull will be tamed by Pepin !

Inspired by a spanish legend


A huge 3000 years old cedar, on the border of two kingdoms ... The sultans used to meet under its soothing shade to talk quietly. However, one day, they get angry for a trifle. Suspicion settles and the old cedar, who knows the heart of men, fears for peace. Can a  tree avoid a war ? Yes : if helped by a dove, it will speak the voice of reason and bring the two sultans wisdom by teaching them that difference is source of great wealth...


At the heart of Yucatan, in Maya country. In a hidden cenote lives a mysterious creature, treasure guardian of an ancient lost civilization. In the darkness he eagerly awaits the passage of the sun whose rays can reach the depths of his cave only once a year. This day is approaching and this time the creature is determined to do everything to keep this light that warms and allows him to enjoy his treasures ... But can man capture the sun? And even more keep it? 


The Algonquin Indians are worried. The land is so deeply asleep in the snow of the great winter that spring will not come. Prey is scarce, fishing is difficult in frozen lakes and food reserves are shrinking in the wigwams ... What to do? The elders say we should go in search of a legendary bear, the oldest grizzly of the forest. They say its power is so great that it can change the seasons ... The young Isha Bear Paw embarks on his trail ...


Saschka is a Kazakh boy. From a proud tribe of nomadic horsemen who planted their yurts at the foot of majestic mountains, he dreams to tame a golden eagle and hunt with him one day, like his father and his father's father. When he comes across a wounded eagle, he keeps it and tries to heal it. A wing hangs miserably, his father is formal: the bird will never be good for anything except to waddle awkwardly in the village and be the laughing stock of the families of hunters. But Saschka persists because it sees much more than that in the eyes of the bird ...


Tupai is a young Polynesian girl who enjoys a peaceful existence in the hollow of an atoll with transparent water. Tireless swimmer, she dives very often with her great friend Honu, a wise and clever giant turtle. Together they never tire of exploring the seabed where Tupai discovers seashells and fish with beautiful colors while Honu delights in corals. One day one of these shells irresistibly draws Tupaï's attention : an somptuous oyster, strangely opened on the most beautiful pearl that Tupai has ever seen. Fascinated, she tries to take it... but a strange phenomenon occurs ...


Many enchanted creatures have peopled our world before us ... A long time ago, and even longer than that, the last of the planet stone giants had made its home at the end of the world, in Patagonia. He was so tall that he used the nearby volcano as a pot to prepare his stone soup ... which really was not of the taste of a hermit who lived in a cave in a nearby glacier with his companion, a Magellanic penguin. Everytime it would boil, the volcano would erupt, destroying everything in the path of the lava, warming the atmosphere ... and melting the glacier ... Until one day, the hermit decided he'd had enough and decided to take extreme measures to have peace !