MOKO is a young boy full of curiosity and endowed with an overflowing imagination. His one and great challenge is to discover the whole wide world in its every corner. 


Thus, he travels through the African, the Asian, the European and both American continents.


His quest is perpetual and he does not hesitate to constantly question everything that meets his eyes : stars, rainbows, tornados, seasons…

MOKO is an adventurer who longs to meet new people, deal with new situations and feel new emotions. He is both attracted and scared by all the natural phenomenons which surround him.


All his adventures are presented in the shape of stories which are, at the same time, naive, poetic, aesthetic ; they are told with humor, and are capable, furthermore, to provoke serious thoughts on the world around us, as well as on the natural phenomenons which are presented with an explanatory unit.


At the end of each episode, one minute of explanation for a better understanding. Here is the list of topics in the episodes of Moko:

Moko wonders why it is that the moon changes shape so often. Seeing that it rises sometime like the sun in the distance, he decides to get closer to see if he can get some answers. Better yet, he could even ask the moon directly.  

What shape is the earth?

How stars are born and die?

Why is the Sea salted?

What is an eclipse?

What is a storm?

What is the rainy season?

What is a rainbow?

Why does the moon change shape?

What is a source?

What is harmattan?

What is an oasis?

What is a desert rose?

What is a tornado?

In this new season, Moko travels through Asia. Will his friend Mei-Li have the power to stop torrents of lava which destroy everything in their path ...

What is an island?

What is a volcano?

What is coral?

What is an ocean current?

What is echo?

What is the monsoon?

What is a tsunami?

What is an earthquake?

What is a flood?

What a quicksand?

Where do the song of dunes come from ?

Why is there moisture in the forest?

What the steppe?


It has been a long time now that night has not fallen, and no one seems to be worried. Moko decides to head towards the horizon to see what is keeping the sun from setting and his friend Alarick goes with him.. 

What is coldness ? 

What is a geyser ? 

What is an aurora ? 

What is a polar day ? 

What is an iceberg ? 

What is fog ? 

What is the tide ?   

What are whistling rocks ? 

What is an avalanche ? 

What is blizzard ? 

What is erosion ? 

What is a season ? 

What is the Atlantic Ocean ?

 Moko, arrived in the Americas, is trying to discover the end of the world. Does it really exist ?

What is a giant tree ? 

What is the Amazon rainforest ? 

What is a meteorite ? 

What is a cenote ? 

What is a lake ? 

What is a mudslide ? 

What is a cyclone ? 

What is a waterfall ? 

What is a salar ? 

What is a lagoon ? 

What is a blue hole ? 

What is a cape ?