Good night, Cocokioo ! - 52 x 3' - Preschoolers




Every evening, before closing his little eyes, Cocokioo hugs Mandible, his sweet cuddle toy... Thanks to this big cuddle, Cocokioo is sure not to leave without Mandible! Where exactly? To the land of dreams, of course! It is there that, every night, Cocokioo and Mandible experience an extraordinary adventure; because in the land of dreams, anything is possible...


In each dream, Cocokioo and Mandible will share a little adventure inspired by the simplest things that amaze children: the moon, bubbles, an animal, a rainbow... In the land of dreams, everything is possible: underwater, on top of the mountains or even among the stars, there are no limits!


The episodes will have the distinctive feature of being silent: only onomatopoeia will support the action to convey the desired emotion and give a semblance of voice to the characters... Fatigue, sadness, laughter... They can sometimes be very funny and play a determining role in the comedy of certain situations.


Each episode plunges us directly into a given situation: Cocokioo is doing something - something rather "normal", which resembles what any child can experience during their day. He is accompanied by Mandible, whom he keeps under his arm or who participates in the action.


Once this “normal” situation is established, something will start to go wrong. This will mark the beginning of a supernatural adventure, impossible to experience anywhere other than in the land of dreams...


The opening credits are very important because they introduce the two characters. Images of the two heroes in various situations will be shown, culminating in a final scene where Cocokioo goes to bed with Mandible. After Cocokioo turns off the light, he remains lit by the glow of his shiny friend... He hugs Mandible one last time before falling asleep... The two friends close their eyes, the glow fades and the credits end... The two friends are asleep...


A song tells us what is happening: Cocokioo and his cuddle toy are preparing to set off for the land of dreams - and they always go there together! This also enables us to name the characters before the beginning of the episode, which is then silent.


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