LIL'CURIOUS KIDDOS (explore the oceans) - 26 x 12' - KIDS




Lil'May and Lil’Jo are two curious kids, eager to travel and learn about the world around them! They're accompanied by Wingo, a funny bird who helps them in their quest for knowledge: he's so clever, he has already traveled around the world three times! In this first season, the oceans and their inhabitants will be studied from every angle!


Lil'May and Lil’Jo will explore all facets of the marine world, with help from Wingo who will guide them to the places where they can make their observations. The oceans will be studied from every angle - and without knowing it, children will be introduced to different fields of science (geology, biology, chemistry, physics, etc.)!


Children will discover the main families of marine creatures : What do all fish have in common? What is in a drop of sea water? They will also learn that the world is made up of curiosities, exceptions, and living beings who “do not fit into boxes” … a way to sow the seeds of curiosity and open-mindedness …


The subjects covered will introduce children to the notion of ecosystems, these wonderful balances wherein each being has its place in all its singularity and with all its differences, where one does not come without the other... an interdependence that is necessary for preserving a world that “works”! 

Symbiosis and co-evolution will also be discussed as very strong examples of cooperation between living beings – but always in the words of children. Lil'May and Lil’Jo will discover to what extent otherness is necessary for all to evolve in harmony! 


Finally, we cannot talk about the oceans without mentioning climate change and pollution due to human activities, as well as raising awareness about the importance of saving the oceans and their treasures. These subjects must be explained to the children of today or, in other words, the adults of tomorrow. These issues will be regularly addressed throughout the episodes.


During the wanderings of our two lil’curious kids, the children will discover several professions related to the oceans, and how different natural phenomena are studied... They will also be able to touch first-hand what we are trying to discover, the extent of what we don't know! Thus, we seek to stimulate their curiosity and - why not  give them something to think about and help them imagine themselves playing a role in the conservation of the oceans tomorrow!


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